Lake Windermere

Lake Windermere

Sunday, 9 June 2013


You will be very pleased to know dear readers that Lizzie and I ventured over to Aldeburgh for the day so that I could have a splash in the wonderful blue, warm, clear and calm North Sea.

Except it was anything but! The northerly wind was howling at its cold best, the waves were 6 foot plus going north to south along the beach, the water had the visibility of exactly 1/2 an arm distance (yes I did measure it!) and the water was a balmy 11C.

Not surprisingly I swam from the north to the south and I loved it as I was swimming at an olympic swimmer's speed. It was cold but once you get over the first 10 minutes you are fine as everything is numb. Poor Lizzie who was crewing for me on the beach was frit ( local dialect, look it up) to death as one minute I was 10 feet above her and the next minute I had disappeared under giant waves. She wanted me to bale out and come ashore as she was really worried about my safety. I thought that she was being friendly and waving at me. Polite bloke that I am, I waved back.

2 weeks now to Jersey. The long range forecast is terrible for that weekend, but here's hoping.

Many thanks to the people that continue to support the British Red Cross. You can donate at:

Pop is dead. Rock lives

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