Lake Windermere

Lake Windermere

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Jersey rewind

Home now, safe and sound. Unfortunately the wind in Jersey would not allow any attempts at Jersey/France or around the island swim over the last 7 days. The wind needs to be force 3 or below, we had force 5 to 7 every day. I did a number of training swims and it was impossible to swim any distance in the rough sea conditions. Hey ho, I will be back next year.
Now I will refocus for a very testing double Windermere swim on Monday. 22 miles, fresh cold water so a real challenge.
Please remember I am doing this for Children's Liver Disease Foundation. Many thanks for your donations, more welcome.

Lizzie and I met lots of lovely people in Jersey but the biggest pleasure and surprise was running into Simon Allen-LeBas, an old friend from the rugby days. It was wonderful to meet mum, Bill and Ryan and to see Tracey again.
Back to the Nene in the morning, lovely cold preparation for Windermere.
This immortal line applies to me regarding the weather.
Big girls don't cry.

Monday, 27 August 2012

White horses won't carry me away!

Well dear reader, what a weekend. Wind, rain, more wind and white horses all over the ocean. The weather has put paid to any attempt to swim to France as the wind has not dropped below force 5 and the tides are now against me. Bummer!
Yesterday I was invited to swim in the Jersey Long Distance Swimming Club Masters' Trophy race inside the breakwater at St. Catherines Bay. Inside the wall the water was calm, outside it was like being punched in the face by a fierce watery creature. Still, a swim is better than no swim and I finished 6th in the over 25's out of about 30 swimmers.
Now I will turn my attention to Windermere next Monday where I will do a double length 12 hour swim. School the next day, what fun!
What would life be without rock and roll. Dull, that's what.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Stormy, stormy nights!

Well here we are in Jersey. Really, really windy I am afraid. The sea is very rough with the wind at force 5 to 6. I had a swim this morning, very difficult conditions, almost impossible to swim into the waves. Sunday looks a dead loss so the JLDSC are trying to organise something for tomorrow, Here's hoping!
I will let you know.
Keep the faith and keep rocking baby! 

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Hi Ho, it's off to Jersey we go!

Well folks, this is it, the big swim week. Lizzie and I leave for Jersey on Thursday ready for my Sunday swim. Unfortunately because of the great British weather, things are not going to be ideal, next Sunday is forecast for force 8.
If that is the case, there is no way the swim will go ahead as it will be impossible to swim safely in those conditions so The Jersey Long Distance Swimming Club are trying to get me a circumnavigation of the island swim on Friday. A mere 44 MILES!
If the weather is not favourable I have a double swim of Lake Windermere booked for 3rd September. I will get an extreme swim in one way or another!
Thanks to all who have mentioned that they would support the Children's Liver Disease Foundation. Most people have given me money directly but if it is easier please use the Just Giving site.

Don't forget rock is the food of life.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Huzzah, back to the rain!

Well here I am, back in the UK. After a 2 week sweat fest in hot, lovely, sunny Maryland we arrived at Heathrow this morning to be greeted by grey skies and rain. Did I miss it? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Lizzie and I made many new friends, so in no particular order g'day to ( please excuse spellings!) Mike and Renee, Ricky Bobby and Lucy,  Rob, Mary and Fiona, Glen and Sonny, Chris and Kirstin (fleeting but nice), Mike K, Joe, Alan and Linda (hope everything was ok!) , Jim, Megan and Joe, Bill and all the guys at the pools, Honey Harvest, Pat "Irish" Mahoney (great calendar) and half ironman man. Good luck!

The USA is a great place as it just has everything. Warm people, warm sun and most importantly, great swimming pools. Actually, I really mean Doug, Kate and Tabby who all made our stay so special.

Now I count down to the 26th and the first part of my double channel crossing. I swam 70,000 meters in the 2 weeks in the US so I will taper down now so that I will swim fresh.

Don't forget the Children's Liver Disease Foundation. Please see the Just Giving link on my last blog.

Remember, electricity was invented for Rock and Roll baby!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Land of the free!

Lizzie and I are enjoying a wonderful time with Doug, Kate and Tabby here in the US of A. The weather is wonderful and we are very settled on the Sea Shadow, our accommodation afloat the ocean waves.

Last weekend we sailed to Oxford, no, not that one, the one here on Chesapeake Bay. It is a really peaceful and lovely place although the trip back was a little lumpy.

But what about the swimming I hear you say! Well fear not dear reader I have trained very hard in the pool here as the Bay is totally infected with really horrible jelly fish. Yesterday I did a 5 hour swim in the pool at Annapolis. What a place.

Why doesn't the UK follow suit. This pool is 100 yards (yes yards, they don't do meters here) and 25 yards across. All the way across there are swimming lanes, over 40 in total. I swam for 5 hours in my own lane. Fantastic, a real swimming pool for real swimmers, not a 30 million pound play pool like Corby. No wonder the USA won 67% of the 2012 swimming medals!

Speaking of the Olympics, we are fortunate enough to have a TV on our boat. Are there any other countries in the Olympics as all you see here is USA. No one else and most of it is recorded, not live. And the ads, OMG, 1 race 3 minutes ads, 1 race 3 minutes ads, on and on and on. Then just as the track events get exciting they cross to pancake tossing as the Americans may win a medal. I am not complaining, it's just the way it is here.

Don't forget the CLDF.

                                                           story time on the boat

                                                         Granny and Tabby

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Hot, hot, hot!

As you are probably aware from the title, I am not in the UK! Lizzie and I arrived in the USA last night to stay on the boat with Kate, Doug and Tabitha and it is very hot. Lovely! We even have cable TV to watch the Olympics but NBC only show Americans.

I am planning to swim in Chesapeake Bay but it is infected with jelly fish at the moment and these are mean looking critters with big long stinging bits! This morning I did 8k in the marina pool. Tough life huh?

Don't forget to go on the just giving page for CLDF. You will see the link on my last post.

God gave us a gift. It's called rock and roll baby!

Setting off. 7am. Only 13 and a half hours to go!