Lake Windermere

Lake Windermere

Sunday, 26 October 2014


Well dear reader now the world turns!

After years of trying to get a slot to swim across the Straits of Gibraltar I have finally been given a slot for the first week of April 2015.

A bit early in the season but this may be the only opening I get as this swim is now part of the Oceans 7 swim series and is highly sort after. The water should be around 15-16C so very doable.

I have had some character building river swims this week as Hurricane Gonzalo did play havoc with the foliage on the bank. On Thursday I was faced with an armada of leaves and sticks in the water but hey, what's a few whacks around the kisser by spiked leaves and branches.

I am off to the river today before heading back to school tonight. I am not going to let work spoil a weekend sent from heaven.

Lizzie and I had a great day in Aldeburgh
The Kiwi beat the Kangaroos
The Saints beat the Ospreys
Leicester lost to the Scarlets. Ha Ha Ha

Monday, 13 October 2014


Hurrah for Colin Ashworth!

As you will see my You Tube clip has now found a permanent home on my page. This is down to my esteemed colleague Colin Ashworth who kindly set it up for me this morning. If he was in a sauna he would just be my steamed colleague.

I have hit the river again this week. Yesterday the water was 12C with an air temperature of 11C.
It really was a case of warmer in than out. For the first time since April I got the shivers as I tried to drink my Green Tea at the Old Barn. Mind you we were sitting outside and I was still in my shorts and jandals ( look it up if you are not from NZ ) having just had an hour swimming in the river.

Great news. AC/DC have a new album out in December. Chrissy pressie number 1 sorted.

Setting off. 7am. Only 13 and a half hours to go!