Lake Windermere

Lake Windermere

Thursday, 30 May 2013


I often get asked how I swim in water that is only 8C. Well dear readers, many people swim in water that is much colder, but let me give you an idea of how YOU can experience this wonderful feeling.

First, fill you bath up with cold water. You will need to throw in 3 or 4 bags of ice as your tap water is probably about 11 or 12C. Then, turn on a cold fan to replicate the northly wind and then finally turn on the cold shower to produce cold rain. You are now ready, jump in. Enjoy!

These are exactly the conditions that I experienced this week in Aldeburgh. The North Sea was at its best. Cold, lumpy and cloudy. Not to mention a cold wind and rain! It has to be done as Jersey looms. My pilot is worried about the water temperatures over there but I don't have any flexability regarding dates so I will press on.

Lizzie and I had a great time in Aldeburgh. It is one of our favourite places. We met a lovely family at Ocean House. Ed Hodge (Edward according to mother!), Caroline, Rosie, Murray ( great name for a bloke) and mum Sarah. They had lived in Jersey and it was amazing that we knew people in common.

I will tell you about my flight in the Russian Yak once I get the pictures loaded and my insides become untwisted.

Continued thanks for the people that have logged on and donated to the British Red Cross. YOU can do so at:

The Heart of Rock and Roll is still beating.

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