Lake Windermere

Lake Windermere

Sunday, 30 June 2013


After the stormy weather last weekend, it is teeth grinding to see perfect calm and warm weather this weekend. Hey ho, such is the trevails of open water swimming. In fact the wind speed topped 50 knots last weekend, much worse than forecasted.

I have rescheduled the Jersey swim for the week of July 15 to 20. It will be a different tide so I will be swimming Jersey to France, which to be honest is my number one choice.

My Dover/France swim is at the end of August so a rare, if not first, opportunity to swim the channel from 2 different places in the same calendar year.

The British Red Cross still needs you help. Please be generous.

Pop is dead. Rock lives.

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Setting off. 7am. Only 13 and a half hours to go!