Lake Windermere

Lake Windermere

Friday, 30 August 2013


Yesterday, I swam across the Channel for the 2nd time this summer.

This was a brutal swim with the waves and wind rising by the hour. In fact of the 11 swimmers who set off, 8 had abandoned by the 5 hour mark. NOT David Donald Coleman!

Battling heavy seas and a rising force 5 wind I swam on for 14 hours powering here there and everywhere as the conditions worsened. Fear not for your intrepid hero, as I did get to the French coast. I could smell the garlic. Actually that is a pretty poor use of a sterotype, what I meant was that I could see French people waving baguettes.

By now, it was getting problematical as to whether I could land as we were now being blown towards Calais and heading towards high cliffs. With the worsening conditions my pilot and crew discussed the situation with me and I agreed that it was going to be impossible to land in the wind and heavy seas.

So I got all the way across the Channel but missed out on getting my 2nd shell from a French beach!

Another time I will tell you about my chafings, swollen tongue, constricted throat and the best part of the day, throwing up gallons of sea water on the return journey to Folkestone.

I am cream crackered. Good night.

 Photos to follow.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013


The wind in the English Channel is not behaving.

My pilot, Peter Reed has moved my swim to the early hours of Thursday morning to gain advantage of the lighter winds and the better tide on that day. The rest of the week looks very windy, so here's hoping!

I will be in the water from around 04 30 ish so do set your clocks and follow me on Peter's tracker:

Many thanks for the donations to the British Red Cross:
Rock on lovely people. 

Friday, 23 August 2013


Hi rock chicks.

My Dover/France swim is due to take place next Wednesday 28th August. This is of course depending on the weather and this stage it is marginal regarding the wind. Keep everything crossed.

8K in the Nene this morning. Just perfect, not a soul, just me and my creature friends. I will finish with a relaxed 6K tomorrow.

If I get away Wednesday, I will set off at 02 00 so if you want an early morning call, I'm your man. You can follow me on my pilot's tracker: Scroll down the page to the map.

The British Red Cross still needs you!

Keep the faith and keep on rocking.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013


The 14 day long range weather forecast for the Channel for week beginning 26th August looks promising with light winds.

My first window looks like the morning (0100) of the 27th. Great time to start, swimming into the sunrise and all jellyfish curl up and sleep in the depths during darkness (hopeful thinking!).

Speaking of those detestable of all creatures, I have come across a product that acts as a factor 50 sunblock (hurrah, no more burnt armpits!) and a jellyfish deterrent at the same time. How fantastic is that. Unfortunately I can't test the jellyfish bit in the river unless I decide to roll in some nettles.

Wonderful morning in the Nene this morning. My Heron has become tame and we are now on first names. It lets me swim past within 2 metres and will now sit and watch me rather than fly off. Today I stopped and watched a Kingfisher. Are they the most colourful British bird?

Here is my article in the H20 Open Water magazine if you missed it.

Many thanks for your support of the British Red Cross. Keep it coming!
Listening to the great new song by Airbourne. "No one fits me better than you". Classic rock

Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Hi rock gods.

 I have written an article about my Jersey to France swim for H20, the fantastic open water swimming magazine.

If you would like to read this please click on:

Thanks for your support for The British Red Cross. Please contribute as this is a wonderful cause.
Great swim in the Nene this morning. 2 hours of perfect bliss!

Rock lives in this house.

Sunday, 4 August 2013


After the euphoria of my 4 minute visit to French France, I am now preparing for my next visit.

I am swimming from Dover on the tide starting the 26th of August which means that my first window will be at 01 00 on the morning of the 27th.

I am now back in the river with a vengeance racking up the Ks. I am averaging 8000 metres per swim. This week I have been swimming from Wadenhoe, a fantastic location as there are long, deep, wide stretches to swim through open countryside.

Many thanks for your support for the British Red Cross. Don't stop now!

Rock, the music of life.

Setting off. 7am. Only 13 and a half hours to go!