Lake Windermere

Lake Windermere

Monday, 27 May 2013


Let's face it. I hate losing to those stripy people from up north. So you can imagine my misery on Saturday after the Premiership rugby final.

In fact it was a totally frustrating day all round. Having to go to school in the morning was an impediment as we left too late to avoid the traffic that just choked the whole of Twickenham. Over 80,000 people coming from the East Midlands all arrived at the same point. Every roundabout was solid with nowhere to go in any direction. London. You can keep it.

Lizzie and I took Phillipa Cox and her sister George so we had entertaining company. Shame about the plastic pom getting sent off. Shame about the prices at the ground. Shame about the result.

Anyway onto happy thoughts. I am having the thrill of my life today as I am having a flight in a WWII warbird, a Russian Yak. Can't wait.

Half term this week so plenty of cold water coming up. The sea is only 11C at the moment. Seriously cold but it has to be done as Jersey is looming.

Many thanks to the people that have generosly supported my Red Cross appeal. You can donate here: 

Red Hot Chillies Califorinication on Planet Rock as I sit here writing this. Rock on!

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