Lake Windermere

Lake Windermere

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Huzzah, back to the rain!

Well here I am, back in the UK. After a 2 week sweat fest in hot, lovely, sunny Maryland we arrived at Heathrow this morning to be greeted by grey skies and rain. Did I miss it? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Lizzie and I made many new friends, so in no particular order g'day to ( please excuse spellings!) Mike and Renee, Ricky Bobby and Lucy,  Rob, Mary and Fiona, Glen and Sonny, Chris and Kirstin (fleeting but nice), Mike K, Joe, Alan and Linda (hope everything was ok!) , Jim, Megan and Joe, Bill and all the guys at the pools, Honey Harvest, Pat "Irish" Mahoney (great calendar) and half ironman man. Good luck!

The USA is a great place as it just has everything. Warm people, warm sun and most importantly, great swimming pools. Actually, I really mean Doug, Kate and Tabby who all made our stay so special.

Now I count down to the 26th and the first part of my double channel crossing. I swam 70,000 meters in the 2 weeks in the US so I will taper down now so that I will swim fresh.

Don't forget the Children's Liver Disease Foundation. Please see the Just Giving link on my last blog.

Remember, electricity was invented for Rock and Roll baby!

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  1. You're a legend sir. We are donating on your JG site as I type. Love Jersey hope you'll enjoy it before you get to swim. The Aytons.


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