Lake Windermere

Lake Windermere

Monday, 27 April 2015


Apparently it is nesting season for riverside wildlife. I know this to be true as the swans have stopped paddling sedately away as I approach them and have adapted a " come closer if you are hard enough" attitude.

Last week I met 4 ladies who were swimming and were refused permission to swim past Mr. Swan as he got all aggro as they approached. When I reached where he was patrolling I swam way over on the other side of the river and tried to look small and inconspicuous. I know, never going to work.

Fortunately he did not worry about me but as I swam close to the far bank a young black Labrador got so excited he launched himself into the river and landed right on top of me. His mistress did not seem to give a hoot that her dog had just bombed me and never even said a word. Lucky for her that I am a cool calm individual and just kept swimming. Presumably the dog got out as it wasn't there an hour later.

The river is a strange colour at the moment. I can't imagine that it is field run off as it hasn't really rained for weeks. No matter, it is still lovely to swim in and I am still rocking.

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