Lake Windermere

Lake Windermere

Friday, 3 April 2015


Levante, the easterly wind is still howling through the Straits of Gibraltar making anything, let alone swimming impossible.

In a bizarre way, I am happy that the Levante is so strong as it removes any notion of "it's not too bad, I'll give it a go".

Watching the fast ferry to Tangier trying to get out into the Straits yesterday was gut wrenching as it rock and rolled baby!

I am enjoying pottering around Tarifa. It is a very beautiful place with hidden streets and places to explore.

Every night there is a Semana Santa (Holy week) parade. Huge altar thingies with statues are carried around the streets by 20 men inside them. They are made of very heavy wood and metal with life sized marble statues of Christ or Mary.

 Very spectacular with hundreds of people in hoods with candles, which all blow out, and accompanied by one and sometimes two marching ( incredibly slowly ) bands.

 Yesterday, after 2 days here, I found the huge, wide, fine white sandy beach where the kite surfers go (none yesterday, too windy even for them). It just happened to be on the other side of the town and I hadn't explored that yet! Sadly it was impossible to walk on as the fine sand was being blasted into the air by Levante creating a sand storm.

I will keep you posted but this looks like a rebooking later in the year!

At least I have wifi and I watched the Guess Who live last night.

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