Lake Windermere

Lake Windermere

Saturday, 4 April 2015


Well there you have it. Levante wins the contest.

My attempts to get into the Straits of Gibraltar have been blown to smithereens by Lavante, the East wind. Here they are calling it moderate, everyone else would call it a howling gale! My pilot says that the wind only blows for this long about 3 times a year. Lucky me to be here to experience it!

The only still day was fogged out in as thick a peasouper that I have seen for a while so it was not meant to be this time.

Fear not dear reader I will be back. The 2015 swimming season is fully booked so I am rebooking for 2016. Another year older...............

Still my time has been put to good use exploring Tarifa which is a very lovely and relaxing place.

I hear I am going back to rubbish weather, at least the sun is out here and out of Levante's breath it is very warm.

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