Lake Windermere

Lake Windermere

Monday, 27 January 2014


Well the New Year seems long, long ago and so the count down to my Channel date begins. It was a bit comforting to say that I was in the Channel "next year", now it is just over 6 months!

I have really powered up the training, gym and pool. I have never used gym work along side the pool before and I am really enjoying it. I am amazed how much more I can can do in the gym in just 3 weeks. I am now back into the grind of 3 hour swim sessions. Today I did both pool and gym. Parents night tonight. I will try and stay awake.

The river calls, but it is really, really high at the moment and too dangerous, even for me.

Good to see Lorde got a couple of Grammies. She comes from my part of Auckland. A local girl done good. Besides myself, she is the only other person that I've seen that suits black lipstick.

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