Lake Windermere

Lake Windermere

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Kia Ora Bro!

I spoke to my brother Peter in Auckland this morning. They are having a great summer, we are having a rubbish winter. Discuss.

My training is really going well. I am getting in around 25,000 metres a week at the moment, averaging 5000 metres a swim. I have already covered 145,000 metres this year. I am working hard to improve my stroke ( no, the swimming one) and feel that I am swimming in a more efficient style. I will have a big week this week as we are on half term. Lizzie was on half term last week and spent the time with Kate, Doug and Tabby in Virginia. She is back to work straight off the plane. She may be grumpy this week children.

I can't believe how good my new swimming MP3 player is. I had one of the original Speedo Aquabeat and this new generation is just so, so much better. Out of interest I have loaded up tracks from 100 rock guitar heroes CD. Now dear reader this is weird. Right in the middle of Joe Walsh, Eric Clapton, Chris Rea etc comes "Do you like Pinna Colada?" How does that happen? I also have New Zealand Classics, The Guess Who live, Peter Gabriel live, Mumford and Sons and Seth Lakeman. I am going to load more this weekend although there aren't any kids from school to help me so it could end in tears.

My first swim of the season around Jersey is looming, only 3 and a half months away. I can't wait.

The heart of rock and roll is still beating.

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