Lake Windermere

Lake Windermere

Saturday, 17 September 2016


What a great week of weather we have had. But what has happened?

After 3 swims in beautiful warm conditions with air temperatures over 30C, today we swam Lilford Lock to Barnwell Mill and it was 11C! Fortunately the water was still warm at 18C.

A lot of social media chat about the 24 hour 1 mile every hour swim next year.

 Not for me! I don't want to be ploughing out huge miles just to do that swim in April and keep that level going right through to my Channel swim in July. Plus, I hate getting in and out of the water, I would rather choose an event that would allow me to swim continuously.

Anyway, swimming well at the moment as Gibraltar is now a month away. Can't wait.

Back to a favourite in the car this week. Saw Doctors live. I have fallen for another you can make your own way home.

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