Lake Windermere

Lake Windermere

Wednesday, 6 April 2016


Well dear reader, here I am back in the UK after a special month in Aotearoa.

You will be very pleased to hear that I got straight back in the Nene the day after I got back. It was big, brown and bad and 8C. I did not last long.

With the Three Rivers Safari looming I had to get acclimatised quickly so I got in again for 30 minutes on Friday.

Saturday saw me back for 4500m in the Great Ouse, Cam and Nene. The water just hit 9C but I coped OK.

Hopefully the water will start to warm up as I am doing a 1K every hour for 12 hours relay in a couple of weeks.

Missed Planet Rock whilst away. Back at full volume.

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