Lake Windermere

Lake Windermere

Thursday, 26 November 2015


Well it is official, summer is over. I have worked this out as the mighty Nene has dropped to 7C this week cutting the swims down to 30 minutes.

I have entered a couple of winter swimming events starting with the 3 Rivers swim next Saturday. I am looking forward to swimming in the Nene, Ouse and the Cam, eating lots of cake and a hearty dinner at the end.

Lizzie and I had a great time in Jersey last week for the JLDSC dinner. Photos on Facebook if you are interested.

My Gibraltar Straits swim has been rebooked for the last week in October 2016. Hopefully I
will have more luck with the weather.

My new car hasn't got a CD player! Ordered one from Peugeot 8 weeks ago, still not here, customer service at it's best. Can't believe how bad radio really is. ( Planet Rock excepted, no DAB either )

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