Lake Windermere

Lake Windermere

Saturday, 13 June 2015


I thought that you would like to know where the readers of my deranged thoughts come from.

It certainly is a world wide readership as this week I have had people visit from the UK, Ukraine, Germany, France, Russia, USA, Guernsey, Ireland, Portugal and Slovakia. I know that many of you are after things like bank details, no point in pursuing that one and looking for prospective marriage partners. I have told you Russian girls before, I am too tired.

Still ploughing up the Ks in the Nene, doing 2- 4 hour swims at the moment, 6 hours next few weeks. I am generally feeling great but I don't feel totally relaxed yet with the bilateral breathing. I am working on the theory that if I build up the hours it will eventually feel "normal".

My DAB car radio has being playing silly billies and draining the battery. All fixed now and back to door vibrating best. Whole lotta Rosie this morning.

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