Lake Windermere

Lake Windermere

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Dublin revisited!

I have just returned from my annual trip to Dublin with Nick Owens and the First XV. We had an excellent tour with 3 good wins although the Irish tried their usual tricks.
"We have a few overage players this year, hope this is ok!"
"Well actually no it's not Paddy as the overage players all seem to be 6ft tall, ginger haired and 15 stone."

I did have a first as I had my first swim in the new Marian College pool. Lovely pool. The pool attendant was a hoot.
"You swam really well there fella, how many lengths did you do, 80?
"No I did 175"
"Jaysas, that must be a record!"
I have managed to get in 7000 metres this week which is 7000 more than any other weeks in Dublin.
And another thing. The Irish have a whole industry of being themselves. "you must have a Guiness in Dublin, it's better than everywhere else"
No it's not. It's as over rated in Dublin as it is everywhere else.

On the way to a million metres. Half term this week with Lizzie Kate and Tabby but I will get plenty of pool time in.

Keep the faith. Rock on.

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