Lake Windermere

Lake Windermere

Monday, 1 October 2012

1,000,000,here I come!

After my exploits over the summer I have now focused on completing 1million metres for the calendar year. (1000 Kilometres for those that prefer smaller numbers).
At the moment I have swum 821375 metres this year and this has taken me 271 hours and 37minutes, or if you prefer, just over 11 whole days of swimming!
Over the year I have averaged 3.03K per hour, although over the last 3 months I have averaged 3.31K per hour.
To reach the magical million mark I will have to average 15,000 metres a week for the rest of the year, which is no problem during the holidays as I do that sort of distance in 1 or 2 swims.
 School time is more difficult as there are limited opportunities to fit long swims in.
Still, I have averaged over 22,000 metres a week throughout the whole year so it should be possible.
Watch this space!
I am rounding up my Children's Liver Disease Foundation sponsorship this week, so those of you who keep saying that you will go to the Justgiving site, GET ON WITH IT

I will annonce my exciting new charity venture in the next week or so.

Don't forget, If God were a DJ he'd ROCK!

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