Lake Windermere

Lake Windermere

Friday, 8 July 2016


Hi y'all

Still racking up the Ks but this week has been a speed week as I have had shorter (5k) swims where I have concentrated on getting my speed up.

The water has been fairly cooperative this week, mainly flat hovering between 17 and 18C.

Early morning sees me at my best as it is just so calm and peaceful on the river with plenty of wildlife in evidence. Still plenty of chicks about, all pretty calm except the swans who are never to me meddled with!

Anyway, back to swimming. I know that I am swimming faster and feel better but can't figure out why my faster, harder sessions are only a minute or so faster than my marathon pace over 5ks.

I think it is because my comfortable speed is still way faster than last year as I am swimming more efficiently whereas my harder sessions may get a bit paddlesteamerish! Great newly invented word!

Just watching the Blues vs Brumbies. About time boys!

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