Lake Windermere

Lake Windermere

Friday, 2 May 2014

Brown, Cold and Lovely

I am back into full swing in the mighty Nene.

Every week the water gets a little cleaner, yesterday I could actually see my hand in the water. The river was about 8C and I did a good hour. The first 5 minutes are like being stabbed by knives, then your face goes numb like you have had 10 injections at the dentist. Then, magically I settle in the water and don't notice the cold at all. This fat is not just for decoration!

Gave the Wadenhoe ladies a thrill yesterday as they emerged into the car park after aerobics. The sight of Koro about to enter the water will live with them forever. Lucky girls.

The best part about the Wadenhoe swims is the bacon roll and pot of green tea after at the Old Barn in the village. Classy. Highly recommend it.

Lots of school this weekend, no Bank holiday for us.

If you rock, don't forget to roll.

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